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Orbital launches in 1967

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* for airborne launches the take off site of the carrier aircraft is considered


1967-01-11Cape CanaveralDelta E1 Intelsat-2 2 (Lani Bird)success
1967-01-14VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 38success
1967-01-18Cape CanaveralTitan 3C IDCSP 8 ... IDCSP 15success
1967-01-19PlesetskVostok-2 8A92Kosmos 138 (Zenit-2 #45)success
1967-01-25BaikonurR-36-O 8K69Kosmos 139 (OGCh #7)success
1967-01-26VandenbergDelta E ESSA 4success
1967-01-31VandenbergScout B OV3 5 (ATCOS 1)failure
1967-02-02VandenbergAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DKH-7 36success
1967-02-05Cape CanaveralAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DLunar Orbiter 3success
1967-02-07BaikonurSoyuz 11A511Kosmos 140 (Soyuz-Test #2)success
1967-02-08HammaguirDiamant A Diadème 1 (D 1C)pfailure
1967-02-08VandenbergThor-Burner Thor-LV2F Burner-2OPS 6073success
1967-02-08PlesetskVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 141 (Zenit-4 #26)success
1967-02-14Kapustin YarKosmos-2 11K63Kosmos 142 (DS-U2-I #2)success
1967-02-15HammaguirDiamant A Diadème 2 (D 1D)success
1967-02-22VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 39success
1967-02-24VandenbergTitan 3B KH-8 4success
1967-02-27BaikonurVostok-2 8A92Kosmos 143 (Zenit-2 #46)pfailure
1967-02-28PlesetskVostok-2M 8A92MKosmos 144 (Meteor-1 #6)success
1967-03-03Kapustin YarKosmos-2 11K63Kosmos 145 (DS-U2-M #2)success
1967-03-05VandenbergAtlas SLV-3 PRIME 2success
1967-03-08Cape CanaveralDelta C OSO 3success
1967-03-10BaikonurProton K/DKosmos 146 (L-1 2P)success
1967-03-13PlesetskVostok-2 8A92Kosmos 147 (Zenit-2 #47)success
1967-03-16PlesetskKosmos-2 11K63Kosmos 148 (DS-P1-I #2)success
1967-03-21Kapustin YarKosmos-2 11K63Kosmos 149 (DS-MO #1)success
1967-03-22BaikonurR-36-O 8K69OGCh #8failure
1967-03-22PlesetskVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 150 (Zenit-4 #27)success
1967-03-23Cape CanaveralDelta E Intelsat-2 3 (Canary Bird)success
1967-03-24BaikonurKosmos-3 11K65Kosmos 151 (Strela-2 #3)success
1967-03-25PlesetskKosmos-2 11K63Kosmos 152 (DS-P1-Yu #7)success
1967-03-30VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 40success
1967-04-04PlesetskVostok-2 8A92Kosmos 153 (Zenit-2 #48)success
1967-04-06Cape CanaveralAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DATS 2 / Research Payload Module 481pfailure
1967-04-08BaikonurProton K/DKosmos-154 (L-1 3P)pfailure
1967-04-12BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 155 (Zenit-4 #28)success
1967-04-13KagoshimaLambda 4S Ohsumi-3failure
1967-04-14VandenbergScout A Transit-O 12success
1967-04-17Cape CanaveralAtlas-Centaur Atlas LV-3C / Centaur-DSurveyor 3success
1967-04-20VandenbergDelta E ESSA 5success
1967-04-20VandenbergAtlas SLV-3 PRIME 3success
1967-04-23BaikonurSoyuz 11A511Soyuz 1success
1967-04-26San MarcoScout B San Marco 2success
1967-04-26VandenbergTitan 3B KH-8 5failure
1967-04-27PlesetskVostok-2M 8A92MKosmos 156 (Meteor-1 #7)success
1967-04-28Cape CanaveralTitan 3C Vela 7 / Vela 8 / ORS 4 / OV5 1 / OV5 3success
1967-05-04Cape CanaveralAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DLunar Orbiter 4success
1967-05-05VandenbergScout A Ariel 3 (UK 3)success
1967-05-09VandenbergThor-Agena Thorad SLV-2G Agena-DKH-4A 41 / Fanion 3/Slewtosuccess
1967-05-12BaikonurVostok-2 8A92Kosmos 157 (Zenit-2 #49)success
1967-05-15PlesetskKosmos-3M 11K65MKosmos 158 (Zaliv-GVM #1)success
1967-05-16BaikonurMolniya-M 8K78M Kosmos 159 (Luna Ye-6LS #111)pfailure
1967-05-17BaikonurR-36-O 8K69Kosmos 160 (OGCh #9)success
1967-05-18VandenbergScout A Transit-O 13success
1967-05-22VandenbergAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DKH-7 37 / LOGACSsuccess
1967-05-22PlesetskVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 161 (Zenit-4 #29)success
1967-05-24VandenbergDelta E1 Explorer 34 (IMP F, IMP 4)success
1967-05-24BaikonurMolniya Molniya-1 5 (Molniya-1 8L)success
1967-05-30VandenbergScout B ESRO 2A (Iris 1)failure
1967-05-31VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2 Agena-DPoppy 7A / Poppy 7B (GGSE 4) / Poppy 7C / Poppy 7D (GGSE 5) / Timation 1 / Calsphere 3 / Calsphere 4 / NRL-PL 150B / OPS 5712success
1967-06-01BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 162 (Zenit-4 #30)success
1967-06-04VandenbergAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DKH-7 38success
1967-06-05Kapustin YarKosmos-2 11K63Kosmos 163 (DS-U2-MP #2)success
1967-06-08PlesetskVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 164 (Zenit-2 #50)success
1967-06-12PlesetskKosmos-2 11K63Kosmos 165 (DS-P1-Yu #8)success
1967-06-12BaikonurMolniya-M Venera 4 (Venera 1V #310)success
1967-06-14Cape CanaveralAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DMariner 5success
1967-06-16Kapustin YarKosmos-2 11K63Kosmos 166 (DS-U3-S #1)success
1967-06-16VandenbergThor-Agena Thorad SLV-2G Agena-DKH-4A 42 / Savant 1success
1967-06-17BaikonurMolniya-M Kosmos 167 (Venera 1V #311)pfailure
1967-06-20VandenbergTitan 3B KH-8 6success
1967-06-20PlesetskVoskhod 11A57Zenit-4 #31failure
1967-06-26PlesetskKosmos-3M 11K65MTselina-O-GVM #1failure
1967-06-29VandenbergThor-Burner Thor-LV2F Burner-2 Star-13AEGRS IXsuccess
1967-07-01Cape CanaveralTitan 3C IDCSP 16, 17, 18, 19-DATS / LES 5 / DODGEsuccess
1967-07-04BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 168 (Zenit-2 #51)success
1967-07-14Cape CanaveralAtlas-Centaur Atlas LV-3C / Centaur-DSurveyor 4success
1967-07-17BaikonurR-36-O 8K69Kosmos 169 (OGCh #10)success
1967-07-19Cape CanaveralDelta E1 Explorer 35 (IMP E, AIMP 2)success
1967-07-21BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Zenit-4 #32failure
1967-07-25VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DMultigroup 2 & Setter 1B / Donkeysuccess
1967-07-27VandenbergAtlas D OV1 11 / OV1 12 (FARO) / OV1 86pfailure
1967-07-28VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DOGO 4success
1967-07-31BaikonurR-36-O 8K69Kosmos 170 (OGCh #11)success
1967-08-01Cape CanaveralAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DLunar Orbiter 5success
1967-08-07VandenbergThor-Agena Thorad SLV-2G Agena-DKH-4A 43 & RM 12 & RM 15success
1967-08-08BaikonurR-36-O 8K69Kosmos 171 (OGCh #12)success
1967-08-09BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 172 (Zenit-4 #33)success
1967-08-16VandenbergTitan 3B KH-8 7success
1967-08-23VandenbergThor-Burner Thor-LV2F Burner-2OPS 7202success
1967-08-24PlesetskKosmos-2 11K63Kosmos 173 (DS-P1-Yu #9)success
1967-08-31BaikonurMolniya Kosmos 174 (Molniya-1Yu 11L)success
1967-09-01PlesetskVoskhod 11A57Zenit-2 #52failure
1967-09-07Cape CanaveralDelta G Biosatellite 2success
1967-09-08Cape CanaveralAtlas-Centaur Atlas SLV-3C / Centaur-DSurveyor 5success
1967-09-11PlesetskVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 175 (Zenit-4 #34)success
1967-09-12PlesetskKosmos-2 11K63Kosmos 176 (DS-P1-Yu #10)success
1967-09-15VandenbergThor-Agena Thorad SLV-2G Agena-DKH-4B 1success
1967-09-16BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 177 (Zenit-2 #53)success
1967-09-19BaikonurR-36-O 8K69Kosmos 178 (OGCh #13)success
1967-09-19VandenbergTitan 3B KH-8 8success
1967-09-22BaikonurR-36-O 8K69Kosmos 179 (OGCh #14)success
1967-09-25VandenbergScout A Transit-O 14success
1967-09-26PlesetskVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 180 (Zenit-2 #54)success
1967-09-27PlesetskKosmos-3M 11K65MZaliv-GVM #2failure
1967-09-27BaikonurProton K/DZond (L-1 4L)failure
1967-09-28Cape CanaveralDelta E1 Intelsat-2 4success
1967-10-03BaikonurMolniya Molniya-1 6 (Molniya-1 9L)success
1967-10-11VandenbergThor-Burner Thor-LV2F Burner-2OPS 1264success
1967-10-11PlesetskVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 181 (Zenit-2 #55)success
1967-10-16BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 182 (Zenit-4 #35)success
1967-10-18Cape CanaveralDelta C1 OSO 4success
1967-10-18BaikonurR-36-O 8K69Kosmos 183 (OGCh #15)success
1967-10-22BaikonurMolniya 8K78 Molniya-1 7 (Molniya-1 12L)success
1967-10-24PlesetskVostok-2M 8A92MKosmos 184 (Meteor-1 #8)success
1967-10-25VandenbergTitan 3B KH-8 9success
1967-10-27BaikonurSoyuz 11A511Kosmos 186 (Soyuz-Test #3)success
1967-10-27BaikonurTsyklon 2A 11K67Kosmos 185 (I2-BM #1)success
1967-10-28BaikonurR-36-O 8K69Kosmos 187 (OGCh #16)success
1967-10-30PlesetskKosmos-3M 11K65MKosmos 189 (Tselina-O #1)success
1967-10-30BaikonurSoyuz 11A511Kosmos 188 (Soyuz-Test #4)success
1967-11-02VandenbergThor-Agena Thorad SLV-2G Agena-DKH-4A 44 / Facadesuccess
1967-11-03PlesetskVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 190 (Zenit-4 #36)success
1967-11-05Cape CanaveralAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DATS 3success
1967-11-07Cape CanaveralAtlas-Centaur Atlas SLV-3C / Centaur-DSurveyor 6success
1967-11-09Cape CanaveralSaturn V Apollo 4success
1967-11-10VandenbergDelta E1 ESSA 6success
1967-11-21PlesetskKosmos-2 11K63Kosmos 191 (DS-P1-Yu #11)success
1967-11-22BaikonurProton K/DZond (L-1 5L)failure
1967-11-23PlesetskKosmos-3M 11K65MKosmos 192 (Zaliv #1)success
1967-11-25PlesetskVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 193 (Zenit-2 #56)success
1967-11-29WoomeraRedstone SPARTAWresatsuccess
1967-12-03PlesetskVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 194 (Zenit-4 #37)success
1967-12-05VandenbergScout B OV3 6 (ATCOS 2)success
1967-12-05VandenbergTitan 3B KH-8 10success
1967-12-09VandenbergThor-Agena Thorad SLV-2G Agena-DKH-4B 2success
1967-12-13Cape CanaveralDelta E1 Pioneer 8 / TTS 1success
1967-12-16PlesetskVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 195 (Zenit-2 #57)success
1967-12-19Kapustin YarKosmos 63S1Kosmos 196 (DS-U1-G #2)success
1967-12-26Kapustin YarKosmos-2 11K63Kosmos 197 (DS-U2-V #3)success
1967-12-27BaikonurTsyklon 2A 11K67Kosmos 198 (US-AO #3)success