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Orbital launches in 1965

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Launches by launch sites

* for airborne launches the take off site of the carrier aircraft is considered


1965-01-11BaikonurVostok-2 8A92Kosmos 52 (Zenit-2 #25)success
1965-01-15VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 16success
1965-01-19VandenbergThor-Burner Thor-LV2D Burner-1 MG-18DSAP-1 F10pfailure
1965-01-19Cape CanaveralTitan 2 GLVGemini 2success
1965-01-21VandenbergAtlas D OV1 1 / ABRES MTV-1 *failure
1965-01-22Cape CanaveralDelta C TIROS 9failure
1965-01-23VandenbergAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DKH-7 15success
1965-01-30Kapustin YarKosmos 63S1Kosmos 53 (DS-A1 #5)success
1965-02-03Cape CanaveralDelta C OSO 2success
1965-02-11Cape CanaveralTitan 3A LES 1 [Star-13A]success
1965-02-12Kapustin YarKosmos 63S1DS-P1-Yu #2failure
1965-02-16Cape CanaveralSaturn I Pegasus 1 / Apollo 103 (BP 16)success
1965-02-17Cape CanaveralAtlas-Agena Atlas LV-3A / Agena BRanger 8success
1965-02-20Kapustin YarKosmos 63S1DS-A1 #6failure
1965-02-21BaikonurKosmos-1 65S3Kosmos 54 - 56 (Strela-1 #9 - 11)success
1965-02-22BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 57 (Voskhod-3KD #1)success
1965-02-25VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 17success
1965-02-26BaikonurVostok-2M 8A92MKosmos 58 (Meteor-1 #2)success
1965-03-02Cape CanaveralAtlas-Centaur Atlas LV-3C / Centaur-CSurveyor-SD 1failure
1965-03-07BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 59 (Zenit-4 #5)success
1965-03-09VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2 Agena-DPoppy 6A (Solrad 7B) / Poppy 6B / Poppy 6C (GGSE 2) / Poppy 6D (GGSE 3) / SECOR 3 / Dodecapole 1 / Surcal 4 / OSCAR 3success
1965-03-11VandenbergThor-Able-Star Thor DSV-2A Ablestar IITransit-O 3 (NNS 30030) / SECOR 2 (EGRS 2)pfailure
1965-03-12BaikonurMolniya 8K78/E6 Kosmos 60 (Luna Ye-6 #9)pfailure
1965-03-12VandenbergAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DKH-7 16success
1965-03-15BaikonurKosmos-1 65S3Kosmos 61 - 63 (Strela-1 #12 - 14)success
1965-03-18VandenbergThor-Burner Thor-LV2D Burner-1 MG-18DSAP-1 F11success
1965-03-18BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Voskhod 2 (Voskhod-3KD #2)success
1965-03-21Cape CanaveralAtlas-Agena Atlas LV-3A / Agena BRanger 9success
1965-03-23Cape CanaveralTitan 2 GLVGemini 3success
1965-03-25VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 18success
1965-03-25BaikonurVostok-2 8A92Kosmos 64 (Zenit-2 #26)success
1965-04-03VandenbergAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DSnapshot / SECOR 4 (EGRS 4)success
1965-04-06Cape CanaveralDelta D Intelsat-1 1 (Early Bird)success
1965-04-10BaikonurMolniya 8K78 Luna Ye-6 #8failure
1965-04-17BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 65 (Zenit-4 #6)success
1965-04-23BaikonurMolniya 8K78 Molniya-1 1 (Molniya-1 3L)success
1965-04-28VandenbergAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DKH-7 17 / Pundit 4success
1965-04-29Wallops IslandScout X-4 Explorer 27 (BE C)success
1965-04-29VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 19success
1965-05-06Cape CanaveralTitan 3A LES 2 [Star-13A] / LCS 1success
1965-05-07BaikonurVostok-2 8A92Kosmos 66 (Zenit-2 #27)success
1965-05-09BaikonurMolniya 8K78 Luna 5 (Luna Ye-6 #10)success
1965-05-18VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 20success
1965-05-20VandenbergThor-Burner Thor-LV2D Burner-1 Altair-3OPS 8386success
1965-05-22Cape CanaveralAtlas D Antares-2FIRE 2success
1965-05-25Cape CanaveralSaturn I Pegasus 2 / Apollo 104 (BP 26)success
1965-05-25BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 67 (Zenit-4 #7)success
1965-05-27VandenbergAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DKH-7 18success
1965-05-28VandenbergAtlas D OV1 3 / Mk.3 *failure
1965-05-29Cape CanaveralDelta C Explorer 28 (IMP 3)success
1965-06-03Cape CanaveralTitan 2 GLVGemini 4success
1965-06-08BaikonurMolniya 8K78 Luna 6 (Luna Ye-6 #7)success
1965-06-09VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 21success
1965-06-15BaikonurVostok-2 8A92Kosmos 68 (Zenit-2 #28)success
1965-06-18Cape CanaveralTitan 3C Transtage 5success
1965-06-24VandenbergThor-Able-Star Thor DSV-2A Ablestar IITransit-O 4 (NNS 30040)success
1965-06-25VandenbergAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DKH-7 19 / Fanion 1/Tripos 1success
1965-06-25BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 69 (Zenit-4 #8)success
1965-07-02Cape CanaveralDelta C TIROS 10success
1965-07-02Kapustin YarKosmos 63S1Kosmos 70 (DS-A1 #7)success
1965-07-12VandenbergAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DKH-7 20failure
1965-07-13BaikonurVostok-2 8A92Zenit-2 #29failure
1965-07-16BaikonurKosmos-1 65S3Kosmos 71 - 75 (Strela-1 #15 - 19)success
1965-07-16BaikonurProton 8K82Proton 1 (N-4 1)success
1965-07-17VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DP-770 Group 3-A 1 & Bird Dog 4success
1965-07-18BaikonurMolniya 8K78 Zond 3 (Zond 3MV-4A / 3)success
1965-07-19VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 22success
1965-07-20Cape CanaveralAtlas-Agena Atlas LV-3A / Agena DVela 5 / Vela 6 / ORS 3success
1965-07-23Kapustin YarKosmos 63S1Kosmos 76 (DS-P1-Yu #3)success
1965-07-30Cape CanaveralSaturn I Pegasus 3 / Apollo 105 (BP 9A)success
1965-08-03VandenbergAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DKH-7 21 / Magnumsuccess
1965-08-03BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 77 (Zenit-4 #9)success
1965-08-10Wallops IslandScout B SECOR 5 (EGRS 5) / SEVsuccess
1965-08-11Cape CanaveralAtlas-Centaur Atlas LV-3C / Centaur-DSurveyor-SD 2success
1965-08-13VandenbergThor-Able-Star Thor DSV-2A Ablestar IITransit-O 5 (NNS 30050) / Dodecapole 2 / Long Rod / Tempsat 1 / Surcal 5 / Calsphere 2success
1965-08-14BaikonurVostok-2 8A92Kosmos 78 (Zenit-2 #30)success
1965-08-17VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 23success
1965-08-21Cape CanaveralTitan 2 GLVGemini 5success
1965-08-25Cape CanaveralDelta C OSO Cfailure
1965-08-25BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 79 (Zenit-4 #10)success
1965-09-02VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2 Agena-DMRPV / SHIP ejected packagefailure
1965-09-03BaikonurKosmos-1 65S3Kosmos 80 - 84 (Strela-1 #20 - 24)success
1965-09-09BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 85 (Zenit-4 #11)success
1965-09-10VandenbergThor-Burner Thor-LV2D Burner-1 Altair-3OPS 8068success
1965-09-18BaikonurKosmos-1 65S3Kosmos 86 - 90 (Strela-1 #25 - 29)success
1965-09-22VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 24success
1965-09-23BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 91 (Zenit-4 #12)success
1965-09-30VandenbergAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DKH-7 22success
1965-10-04BaikonurMolniya-M 8K78M Luna 7 (Luna Ye-6 #11)success
1965-10-05VandenbergAtlas D OV1 2 / OV1-Dummy * / SSP 29 *success
1965-10-05VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 25success
1965-10-14BaikonurMolniya 8K78 Molniya-1 2 (Molniya-1 4L)success
1965-10-14VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DOGO 2success
1965-10-15Cape CanaveralTitan 3C LCS 2 / OV2 1pfailure
1965-10-16BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 92 (Zenit-4 #13)success
1965-10-19Kapustin YarKosmos-2M 63S1MKosmos 93 (DS-U2-V #1)success
1965-10-25Cape CanaveralAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DGATV 6failure
1965-10-28VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 26success
1965-10-28BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 94 (Zenit-4 #14)success
1965-11-02BaikonurProton 8K82Proton 2 (N-4 2)success
1965-11-04Kapustin YarKosmos-2M 63S1MKosmos 95 (DS-U2-V #2)success
1965-11-06Cape CanaveralDelta E Explorer 29 (GEOS A)success
1965-11-08VandenbergAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DKH-7 23 / Auroral (OPS 8293)success
1965-11-12BaikonurMolniya Venera 2 (Venera 3MV-4 #4)success
1965-11-16BaikonurMolniya Venera 3 (Venera 3MV-3 #1)success
1965-11-19Wallops IslandScout X-4 Explorer 30 (SE A, Solrad 8)success
1965-11-23BaikonurMolniya Kosmos 96 (Venera 3MV-4 #6)pfailure
1965-11-26HammaguirDiamant A Asterix (A 1)success
1965-11-26Kapustin YarKosmos-2M 63S1MKosmos 97 (DS-U2-M #1)success
1965-11-27BaikonurVostok-2 8A92Kosmos 98 (Zenit-2 #31)success
1965-11-29VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2 Agena-BAlouette 2 / Explorer 31 (DME A)success
1965-12-03BaikonurMolniya 8K78 Luna 8 (Luna Ye-6 #12)success
1965-12-04Cape CanaveralTitan 2 GLVGemini 7success
1965-12-06VandenbergScout X-4 FR 1success
1965-12-09VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 27success
1965-12-10BaikonurVostok-2 8A92Kosmos 99 (Zenit-2 #32)success
1965-12-15Cape CanaveralTitan 2 GLVGemini 6Asuccess
1965-12-16Cape CanaveralDelta E Pioneer 6success
1965-12-17BaikonurVostok-2M 8A92MKosmos 100 (Meteor-1 #3)success
1965-12-21Kapustin YarKosmos 63S1Kosmos 101 (DS-P1-Yu #4)success
1965-12-21Cape CanaveralTitan 3C LES 3 / LES 4 / OV2 3 / OSCAR 4pfailure
1965-12-22VandenbergScout A Transit-O 6success
1965-12-24VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 28success
1965-12-27BaikonurSoyuz 11A510Kosmos 102 (US-AO #1)success
1965-12-28Kapustin YarKosmos 63S1DS-K-40 #1failure
1965-12-28BaikonurKosmos-1 65S3Kosmos 103 (Strela-2 #1)success