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Orbital launches in 1964

Launches by month:
Launches by launch sites

* for airborne launches the take off site of the carrier aircraft is considered


1964-01-11VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DPoppy 5A (Solrad 7A) / Poppy 5B / Poppy 5C (GGSE 1) / SECOR 1 / Hayloftsuccess
1964-01-19VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2 Agena-DDSAP-1 F6 / DSAP-1 F7success
1964-01-21Cape CanaveralDelta B Relay 2success
1964-01-25VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2 Agena-BEcho 2success
1964-01-29Cape CanaveralSaturn I Saturn-SA 5success
1964-01-30Cape CanaveralAtlas-Agena Atlas LV-3A / Agena BRanger 6success
1964-01-30BaikonurVostok K 8K72KElektron 1 / Elektron 2success
1964-02-15VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 3success
1964-02-19BaikonurMolniya 8K78 Zond 3MV-1A / 4Afailure
1964-02-25VandenbergAtlas-Agena Atlas LV-3A / Agena DKH-7 5success
1964-02-27Kapustin YarKosmos 63S1Kosmos 25 (DS-P1 #4)success
1964-02-28VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DP-698BK Group 1-A 1 & Bird Dog 2success
1964-03-11VandenbergAtlas-Agena Atlas LV-3A / Agena DKH-7 6success
1964-03-18Kapustin YarKosmos 63S1Kosmos 26 (DS-MG #1)success
1964-03-19Cape CanaveralDelta B Beacon Explorer Afailure
1964-03-21BaikonurMolniya 8K78 Luna Ye-6 #6failure
1964-03-24VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 4failure
1964-03-27BaikonurMolniya 8K78 Kosmos 27 (Zond (1c)) (3MV-1 #1)pfailure
1964-03-27Wallops IslandScout X-3 Ariel 2 (UK 2)success
1964-04-02BaikonurMolniya 8K78 Zond 1 (Zond 3MV-1 / 4)success
1964-04-04BaikonurVostok-2 8A92Kosmos 28 (Zenit-2 #16)success
1964-04-08Cape CanaveralTitan 2 GLVGemini 1success
1964-04-12BaikonurPolyot 11A59Polyot 2 (I1P #1)success
1964-04-14Cape CanaveralAtlas D Antares-2FIRE 1success
1964-04-20BaikonurMolniya 8K78 Luna Ye-6 #5failure
1964-04-21VandenbergThor-Able-Star Thor DSV-2A Ablestar IITransit 5BN-3 / Transit 5E-2failure
1964-04-23VandenbergAtlas-Agena Atlas LV-3A / Agena DKH-7 7success
1964-04-25BaikonurVostok-2 8A92Kosmos 29 (Zenit-2 #17)success
1964-04-27VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 5success
1964-05-18BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 30 (Zenit-4 #2)success
1964-05-19VandenbergAtlas-Agena Atlas LV-3A / Agena DKH-7 8success
1964-05-28Cape CanaveralSaturn I Saturn-SA 6 & Apollo 101 (BP 13)success
1964-06-04BaikonurMolniya 8K78 Molniya-1 (1a) (Molniya-1 2L)failure
1964-06-04VandenbergScout X-4 Transit-5C 1success
1964-06-04VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 6success
1964-06-06Kapustin YarKosmos 63S1Kosmos 31 (DS-MT #2)success
1964-06-10BaikonurVostok-2 8A92Kosmos 32 (Zenit-2 #18)success
1964-06-13VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-5 11 & Starflash 1Asuccess
1964-06-18VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2 Agena-DDSAP-1 F8 / DSAP-1 F9success
1964-06-19VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 7success
1964-06-23BaikonurVostok-2 8A92Kosmos 33 (Zenit-2 #19)success
1964-06-25VandenbergScout X-4 ESRS (CRL 2)failure
1964-06-30Cape CanaveralAtlas-Centaur Atlas LV-3C / Centaur-CCentaur AC-3failure
1964-07-01BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 34 (Zenit-4 #3)success
1964-07-02VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DP-698BK Group 2-D 2 & Bird Dog 1success
1964-07-06VandenbergAtlas-Agena Atlas LV-3A / Agena DKH-7 9 / Noah's Arksuccess
1964-07-10VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 8success
1964-07-10BaikonurVostok K 8K72KElektron 3 / Elektron 4success
1964-07-15BaikonurVostok-2 8A92Kosmos 35 (Zenit-2 #20)success
1964-07-17Cape CanaveralAtlas-Agena Atlas LV-3A / Agena DVela 3 / Vela 4 / ERS 13success
1964-07-28Cape CanaveralAtlas-Agena Atlas LV-3A / Agena BRanger 7success
1964-07-30Kapustin YarKosmos 63S1Kosmos 36 (DS-P1-Yu #1)success
1964-08-05VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 9success
1964-08-14VandenbergAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DKH-7 10 / Hitchhiker 2success
1964-08-14BaikonurVostok-2 8A92Kosmos 37 (Zenit-2 #21)success
1964-08-18BaikonurKosmos-1 65S3Kosmos 38 - 40 (Strela-1 #1 - 3)success
1964-08-19Cape CanaveralDelta D Syncom 3success
1964-08-21VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-5 12 & Starflash 1Bsuccess
1964-08-22Kapustin YarKosmos 63S1Kosmos 42 (Strela-1 #4) / Kosmos 43 (Strela-1 #5)success
1964-08-22BaikonurMolniya 8K78 Kosmos 41 (Molniya-1 (1b)) (Molniya-1 1L)success
1964-08-25VandenbergScout X-4 Explorer 20 (IE A)success
1964-08-28VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2 Agena-BNimbus 1pfailure
1964-08-28BaikonurVostok-2M 8A92MKosmos 44 (Meteor-1 #1)success
1964-09-01Cape CanaveralTitan 3A Transtage 1failure
1964-09-05Cape CanaveralAtlas-Agena Atlas LV-3A / Agena BOGO 1success
1964-09-13BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 45 (Zenit-4 #4)success
1964-09-14VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 10success
1964-09-18Cape CanaveralSaturn I Saturn-SA 7 & Apollo 102 (BP 15)success
1964-09-23VandenbergAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DKH-7 11success
1964-09-24BaikonurVostok-2 8A92Kosmos 46 (Zenit-2 #22)success
1964-10-04Cape CanaveralDelta C Explorer 21 (IMP 2)success
1964-10-05VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 11success
1964-10-06VandenbergThor-Able-Star Thor DSV-2A Ablestar IITransit-O 1 (NNS 30010) / Dragsphere 1 / Dragsphere 2 success
1964-10-06BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Kosmos 47 (Voskhod-3KV #1)success
1964-10-08VandenbergAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DKH-7 12 / Pundit 3failure
1964-10-10VandenbergScout X-4 Explorer 22 (BE B)success
1964-10-12BaikonurVoskhod 11A57Voskhod 1 (Voskhod-3KV #2)success
1964-10-14BaikonurVostok-2 8A92Kosmos 48 (Zenit-2 #23)success
1964-10-17VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 12success
1964-10-23VandenbergAtlas-Agena Atlas LV-3A / Agena DKH-7 13 / Step Thirteen/Plymouth Rock 3success
1964-10-23BaikonurKosmos-1 65S3Strela-1 #6 / #7 / #8failure
1964-10-24Kapustin YarKosmos 63S1Kosmos 49 (DS-MG #2)success
1964-10-28BaikonurVostok-2 8A92Kosmos 50 (Zenit-2 #24)success
1964-11-02VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 13success
1964-11-04VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DP-698BK Group 3-D 1 & Bird Dog 3success
1964-11-05Cape CanaveralAtlas-Agena Atlas LV-3A / Agena DMariner 3failure
1964-11-06Wallops IslandScout X-4 Explorer 23 (S 55c)success
1964-11-18VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 14 & Orbissuccess
1964-11-21VandenbergScout X-4 Explorer 24 (AD B) / Explorer 25 (IE B, Injun 4)success
1964-11-28Cape CanaveralAtlas-Agena Atlas LV-3A / Agena DMariner 4success
1964-11-30BaikonurMolniya 8K78 Zond 2 (Zond 3MV-4A / 2)success
1964-12-01Kapustin YarKosmos 63S1DS-2 #2failure
1964-12-04VandenbergAtlas-Agena Atlas SLV-3 / Agena DKH-7 14success
1964-12-09Kapustin YarKosmos 63S1Kosmos 51 (DS-MT #3)success
1964-12-10Cape CanaveralTitan 3A Transtage 2success
1964-12-11Cape CanaveralAtlas-Centaur Atlas LV-3C / Centaur-CSurveyor-Model 1pfailure
1964-12-13VandenbergThor-Able-Star Thor DSV-2A Ablestar IITransit-O 2 (NNS 30020) / Transit 5E-5 success
1964-12-15Wallops IslandScout X-4 San Marco 1success
1964-12-19VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DKH-4A 15success
1964-12-21Cape CanaveralDelta C Explorer 26 (EPE-D)success
1964-12-21VandenbergThor-Agena Thor SLV-2A Agena DQuill 1success