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Zenit 3SL

Rocket familyZenit
ManufacturerYuzhmash, RKK Energia, Boeing
Number of launches36
First launch1999-03-28
Last launch2014-05-26

Launches by year:

Latest launches:

Launch dateLaunch siteRocket / VariantPayloadStatus
2014-05-26OdysseyZenit 3SL DMSLEutelsat 3Bsuccess
2013-02-01OdysseyZenit 3SL DMSLIntelsat 27failure
2012-12-03OdysseyZenit 3SL DMSLEutelsat 70Bsuccess
2012-08-19OdysseyZenit 3SL DMSLIntelsat 21success
2012-06-01OdysseyZenit 3SL DMSLIntelsat 19success
2011-09-24OdysseyZenit 3SL DMSLAtlantic Bird 7success
2009-04-20OdysseyZenit 3SL DMSLSICRAL 1Bsuccess
2008-09-24OdysseyZenit 3SL DMSLGalaxy 19success
2008-07-16OdysseyZenit 3SL DMSLEchoStar 11success
2008-05-21OdysseyZenit 3SL DMSLGalaxy 18success