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Scout X-4

Rocket familyScout
CountryUnited States
Number of launches12
First launch1963-06-28
Last launch1965-12-06

Launches by year:

Latest launches:

Launch dateLaunch siteRocket / VariantPayloadStatus
1965-12-06VandenbergScout X-4 FR 1success
1965-11-19Wallops IslandScout X-4 Explorer 30 (SE A, Solrad 8)success
1965-04-29Wallops IslandScout X-4 Explorer 27 (BE C)success
1964-12-15Wallops IslandScout X-4 San Marco 1success
1964-11-21VandenbergScout X-4 Explorer 24 (AD B) / Explorer 25 (IE B, Injun 4)success
1964-11-06Wallops IslandScout X-4 Explorer 23 (S 55c)success
1964-10-10VandenbergScout X-4 Explorer 22 (BE B)success
1964-08-25VandenbergScout X-4 Explorer 20 (IE A)success
1964-06-25VandenbergScout X-4 ESRS (CRL 2)failure
1964-06-04VandenbergScout X-4 Transit-5C 1success