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Rocket familyR7
CountrySoviet Union
Number of launches40
First launch1960-10-10
Last launch1967-10-22

Launches by year:

Latest launches:

Launch dateLaunch siteRocket / VariantPayloadStatus
1967-10-22BaikonurMolniya 8K78 Molniya-1 7 (Molniya-1 12L)success
1967-10-03BaikonurMolniya Molniya-1 6 (Molniya-1 9L)success
1967-08-31BaikonurMolniya Kosmos 174 (Molniya-1Yu 11L)success
1967-05-24BaikonurMolniya Molniya-1 5 (Molniya-1 8L)success
1966-10-20BaikonurMolniya Molniya-1 4 (Molniya-1 7L)success
1966-04-25BaikonurMolniya Molniya-1 3 (Molniya-1 6L)success
1966-03-27BaikonurMolniya Molniya-1 (3) (Molniya-1 5L)failure
1965-12-03BaikonurMolniya 8K78 Luna 8 (Luna Ye-6 #12)success
1965-11-23BaikonurMolniya Kosmos 96 (Venera 3MV-4 #6)pfailure
1965-11-16BaikonurMolniya Venera 3 (Venera 3MV-3 #1)success