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Rocket familyR7
CountrySoviet Union
ManufacturerProgress Rocket Space Centre
Number of launches280
First launch1965-10-04
Last launch2010-09-30

Launches by year:

Latest launches:

Launch dateLaunch siteRocket / VariantPayloadStatus
2010-09-30PlesetskMolniya-M Kosmos 2469 (Oko)success
2008-12-02PlesetskMolniya-M Kosmos 2446 (Oko)success
2007-10-23PlesetskMolniya-M 2BLKosmos 2430 (Oko)success
2006-07-21PlesetskMolniya-M Kosmos 2422 (Oko)success
2005-06-21PlesetskMolniya-M Molniya-3K 2 (Molniya-3K 12L)failure
2004-02-18PlesetskMolniya-M 8K78M 2BLMolniya-1T 93 (Molniya-1T 100L)success
2003-06-19PlesetskMolniya-M Molniya-3 52 (Molniya-3 65L?)success
2003-04-02PlesetskMolniya-M 8K78M / MLMolniya-1T 92 (Molniya-1T 101L)success
2002-12-24PlesetskMolniya-M Kosmos 2393 (US-K #82)success
2002-04-01PlesetskMolniya-M 8K78M 2BLKosmos 2388 (US-K #81)success