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Last update:  2024-02-20
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ManufacturerMitsubishi Heavy Industries
Number of launches48
First launch2001-08-29
Last launch2024-01-12

Launches by year:

Latest launches:

Launch dateLaunch siteRocket / VariantPayloadStatus
2024-01-12TanegashimaH-2A 202IGS Optical 8success
2023-09-06TanegashimaH-2A 202XRISM / SLIMsuccess
2023-01-26TanegashimaH-2A 202IGS Radar 7success
2021-12-22TanegashimaH-2A 204Inmarsat 6 F1success
2021-10-26TanegashimaH-2A 202QZS-1R (Michibiki 1R)success
2020-11-29TanegashimaH-2A 202JDRS 1success
2020-07-19TanegashimaH-2A 202Al Amalsuccess
2020-02-09TanegashimaH-2A 202IGS Optical 7success
2018-10-29TanegashimaH-2A 202GOSat 2 (Ibuki 2)/KhalifaSatsuccess
2018-06-12TanegashimaH-2A 202IGS Radar 6success