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Last update:  2024-02-20
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ManufacturerChina Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology
Number of launches76
First launch1982-09-09
Last launch2024-02-02

Launches by year:

Latest launches:

Launch dateLaunch siteRocket / VariantPayloadStatus
2024-02-02XichangCZ-2C Geely-02 01 - 11success
2024-01-09XichangCZ-2C Einstein Probesuccess
2023-12-30JiuquanCZ-2C YZ-1SWHJSW 04A / 04B / 04Csuccess
2023-12-04JiuquanCZ-2C MisrSat-2 / Xingchi-1 02A / Bsuccess
2023-11-16JiuquanCZ-2C YZ-1SHaiyang 3Asuccess
2023-08-08TaiyuanCZ-2C Huanjing Jianzai 2-06success
2023-07-09JiuquanCZ-2C YZ-1SHulianwang Jishu Shiyansuccess
2023-05-21JiuquanCZ-2C Aomen Kexue 1A / 1B / Luojia-2 01success
2023-03-13JiuquanCZ-2C Horus-2success
2023-02-24JiuquanCZ-2C Horus-1success