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Last update:  2024-02-20
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Vandenberg Air Force Base

CountryUnited States
Number of orbital launches765
First launch1959-02-28
Last launch2024-02-15

Launches by year:

Latest launches:

Launch dateLaunch siteRocket / VariantPayloadStatus
2024-02-15VandenbergFalcon 9 v1.2 B5Starlink 7-14success
2024-02-10VandenbergFalcon 9 v1.2 B5Starlink 7-13success
2024-01-29VandenbergFalcon 9 v1.2 B5Starlink 7-12success
2024-01-24VandenbergFalcon 9 v1.2 B5Starlink 7-11success
2024-01-14VandenbergFalcon 9 v1.2 B5Starlink 7-10success
2024-01-03VandenbergFalcon 9 v1.2 B5Starlink 7-9success
2023-12-24VandenbergFalcon 9 SARah-2 / 3success
2023-12-22VandenbergAlpha Tantrumpfailure
2023-12-08VandenbergFalcon 9 v1.2 B5Starlink 7-8success
2023-12-01VandenbergFalcon 9 v1.2 B5425 Project EO/IR Sat 1 + secondariessuccess